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MyTESY app is here!

Monitor your appliance and save energy via Internet control

HeatEco Cloud is a wall-mounted model with Internet control via the MyTESY app. Thanks to the incrporated energy saving features, the model is offering a 40% of seasonal energy efficiency - the highest possible value.
With HeatEco Cloud you can rely on comfort and efficiency with features like the Weekly Programmer, Adaptive Start, Open window/door function and more. The heating element provides long service and silent operation.

HeatEco Cloud


with mechanical thermoregulator

HeatEco with mechanical thermoregulator is a floor-standing model with adjustable thermoregulator and optimal convection for up to 25% faster heating of the room. The convector is suitable for bathroom usage, due to the IP24 - splash proof protection. The power range is from 500 to 3000 W and covers area from 4 to 32 m2.

in Augmented Reality 

Discover TESY panel convectors  

Cloud technology

Easy and intuitive Internet control with the MyTESY app

ErP Compliant

Maximum seasonal energy



 Long lasting heating


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